– The felt needs and priorities of the people in the village

Ten years ago the women’s association in Ekumenyi took the initiative to do something for themselves and their children. Seeing so many of their sisters die in childbirth and seeing no encouraging signs from the government or any other corner, the women levied themselves 10 naira each and began the construction of three new health centers. In 2007, the local NGO Partnership Against Poverty came to assist with construction materials. By late 2010 the structures were finally completed, the communities providing all the construction labor. AMURT came in as a partner in the last months to furnish and equip the new health centers.


– the sum is greater than the part

In Ebonyi State AMURT works closely with the communities, with local and state government, and with local NGOs like Partnership Against Poverty and the Neighborhood Initiative for Women’s Advancement. Through broad partnerships we help bridge the gap between government and the grassroots, and offer opportunities for each partner to discover hidden potentials. Working together we complement each other, learn from each other and together we accomplish things we could never have done alone.


A SUSTAINABLE MODEL – health centers owned and managed by the communities

All the health centers AMURT have helped to open in Ebonyi State are community owned and community managed. When the communities make sacrifices from the beginning, a strong feeling of ownership is created. Without this community driven approach, such projects easily fall in the trap of dependency on outsiders, and long term sustainability will be very difficult. AMURT’s model is to gradually withdraw from the new health centers, after enabling the communities and government to take over the role that AMURT has played in the establishment phase. AMURT will then move on to respond to invitation to new remote and neglected communities that are looking for partners to assist them to meet their healthcare needs.